Beauty and personal care in Australia

by Andjela Vujaskovic

March 16, 2018

People in Australia, especially insanely gorgeous women, are big consumers and spenders on skincare. They are spending more than women in any other state, new researchers show us. They are nature-wise and they usually don’t use a lot of makeup. Almost everyone there values gifts of nature around them and spend a lot of time outdoors. Australian women are sun-kissed and they have sea-salt hair year around. Their glowing skin and bronzed limbs make women from other parts of the world jealous. Also, their holistic approach and healthy lifestyle is an excellent example for rest of the world. In Australia, people have great access to a great range of native flora and fauna, which are used in natural beauty. Also, they have extremely useful tricks.

Social media and vegan lifestyle

Nowadays,  social media is having a strong influence on the following new trends, innovations, techniques, and tutorials. They are all inspired to purchase, but they learned to check the list of ingredients on the products.  They don’t want to have dead animal ingredients in their products anymore. Although, it’s not always easy to tell which ingredient is from an animal. There are a lot of vegan festivals, markets, and conferences and in some homes, even pets have vegan products. So, the key point for growing companies is to stay away from animal ingredients.

Anyway, while personal care has leaders in multinational companies which are making huge compromises, the demand for natural products had significant growth in recent few years. The woman in Australia gained trust in Australian vegan beauty brands. In the occasions when they use makeup, they prefer to use organic and mineral make up. The awareness of population is growing so we see more and more cruelty-free decisions.

Leader vegan brands

I will mention just a few best vegan brands with the strong ethical profile because the list is huge. Their beauty market literally exploded in the nearest past. But here are some names that are totally worth investing in.


Let me start with this certified organic mineral makeup and proudly vegan brand. Their products contain natural ingredients such as shea butter, macadamia oil, and green tea extract to make your skin healthy, gentle and smooth. They are one of the biggest leaders in the organic cosmetics field and, also, they have been recipients of more than few awards for their foundations.

Napoleon Perdis

This is one of the most renowned Australian makeup lines and one of the biggest players in the beauty industry. It have 85 concept stores in Australia. It’s successful mostly because of deep understanding of woman needs today and high-tech novelties.


On the most untouched regions in Australia, on the Jurlique farm, the luxury skincare brand with the same name is created. Their vision is pure and they strongly believe in healing powers of nature. Jurlique is sold in more than 15 countries around the world and it has iconic status. The ingredients for its products are handpicked on the farm and while processing they keep full potency.


Australian woman uses a lot of raw lip balms and one of best among them is Hurraw!.  They are also suitable for vegans ( not beeswax based lip) and they have different, fun and simple flavors.

Eco tan

They also have this organic certified organic tan brand. Eco tan contains all-natural ingredients and it’s toxin-free. Ideal for people with pale skin who want safe tanning. In 2011, Eco Tan made Australian history by becoming the first and only tanning manufacturer to be certified organic.


One of the excellent brands that, on the other hand, has special products to help combat the effects of photodamage.

Grown Alchemist

Grown Alchemist are superior new generation 100% vegan skincare brand. They have perfect formulas for the skin regeneration and they, certainly,  work very well.

Eye of Horus

But how to not mention one so dramatic name, based on formulas used by Egyptians. They are a makeup based brand who simply love to use rich metallic pigments.


Now,  one of the healthy vegan nail polish brand with premium quality is Sienna, Byron Bay. Their products look very original and they have wooden caps, made locally.

Australian online beauty shops

One of the best places online where you can find a variety of beauty products from the best brands is Adore beauty.  I immediately fall in love with their offers. Also, they are shipping worldwide. In their category organic and ethical, they have other, worthy of mention, Australian made brands like Aesop, La Mav organic skin science, O & M original and mineral and a bunch of others. On Adore beauty, you can shop great quality products for babies and mothers. The price range is very wide which makes it affordable for all.

The same is applicable to Nourished life.  Mason and Young is the online shop where you have luxury wellness and health products. And, of course, Flora & Fauna which is the largest cruelty-free shop and is offering an extensive range of mineral and vegan makeup. Now, there is one newcomer site on the scene called Orli. They also have a very strong focus on natural beauty.


Future of health care in Australia

In the future beauty and personal care in Australian industry is expected to grow because of the environmental care and respect. Mindful choices and mindful ‘influencers’ will become more frequent and they will encourage and inspire people.  Australia, among France, India, and Germany, will be a top exporter of cruelty-free cosmetics, according to market research. It’s perfectly normal because, with such natural diversity and harshness, there will be more effective and amazing products in skincare and cosmetics. Women in Australia will spend even more money on beauty and personal care over next a half decade. More and more eco-friendly companies on their market will, surely, grow rapidly.  It will be possible to keep principles without sacrificing the good performance. This is potentially very good news for people everywhere, especially vegans who are increasing in numbers.

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